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SEMA Expands Electrified Exhibit to Spotlight EV Tech and Aftermarket Opportunities

By Chad Simon

SEMA ElectrifiedVehicle electrification is a continuously growing automotive trend, and some states are actively pushing consumers to transition from ICE to EVs. In fact, California has recently mandated 35% zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) sales by 2026 and banned all new non-ZEV sales by 2035, while Washington has set a target of 2030 to phase out the sale of new gas- and diesel-powered vehicles.

With that in mind, in 2019, SEMA’s forward thinking led to the creation of a dedicated “SEMA Electrified” Show section, which highlighted the endless possibilities in the electric market. It returned with a larger presence in 2021 following the 2020 COVID-19 hiatus. Last year, electrification projects and products could also be found in virtually every hall, with conversion platforms including ’60s sedans and musclecars, early Broncos and square-body Chevys, Bonneville racers, sand rails and Baja prerunners. While still a small fraction of the hundreds of builds at the Show, their existence on the Show floor heralded the beginning of a new era in the specialty-equipment aftermarket—and one that holds great promise for aspiring builders and customizers looking to leverage this latest technology to create new revenue streams.

This year’s Show will feature an even more expanded SEMA Electrified section. Located in the North Hall, Booth #11268, the specialized exhibit area will feature the latest advancements in EV technology, including new products and solutions for EV platforms and conversions. In addition to SEMA Electrified, EV projects and products will again be displayed throughout the Show floor. Also, the SEMA Show New Products Showcase—consistently voted as the No. 1 destination by buyers and media—will add a new category for products related to EVs.

The younger generation in particular seems to be enthusiastic about EVs. In fact, 14-year-old Frances Farnam of Tinkergineering stopped by the SEMA Garage earlier this year with her ’76 Porsche 914, which she and her dad are restoring and converting to electric. It will be showcased at SEMA Electrified as an EV project in progress.

“The EV aftermarket is evolving quickly; we’re curating a unique collection of the latest products related to electric vehicles and the aftermarket,” said Tom Gattuso, SEMA vice president of events. “SEMA Electrified will help businesses see the latest trends and understand how the EV market continues to change. We have also added many new education sessions centered around the EV marketplace so visitors will gain an understanding of the advancements and opportunities for the future.”


Located in the North Hall in Booth #11268, SEMA Electrified will feature the latest advancements in electric-vehicle (EV) technology, including new products and solutions for EV platforms and conversions.

Although alternative powertrains currently represent just 1% of the 250 million cars, SUVs and light-duty trucks in operation on American roads, sales and interest in EVs are increasing rapidly. According to recent SEMA Market Research, the electric market includes several areas of opportunity for the aftermarket, including the development of parts and products to aid in the conversion of older internal-combustion vehicles; building and modifying new project, racing and purpose-built vehicles; and expertly accessorizing new OEM electric offerings. SEMA is dedicated to helping its member companies identify those opportunities and adapt to the growing segment of the industry.

EV Conversion Companies Exhibiting This Year

The number of EV conversion companies exhibiting this year continues to flourish, and more players will enter the space each year as consumer demand increases. Here is a sampling of some of the EV-conversion and related companies that are scheduled to exhibit at the 2022 SEMA Show as of press time. Visit for future updates.

The Atom Drive EV system from Ampere EV utilizes a homebuilt Advanced Control System to support a full compliment of EV components sourced from third parties such as Tesla and Cascadia. Customers can build their own system by choosing from a range of batteries, chargers, wiring options and LED screens. (888-984-7601,

APP EV Systems, a division of Advanced Performance Parts, designs, builds and sells turnkey EV conversion kits for classic cars that are engineered to OE specifications. Applications for Porsche 911s, BMW E9s and Chevrolet C2 Corvettes, among others, are available later this year and early 2023. (360-935-1228,

Autel Energy now offers the MaxiCharger home 40- and 50-amp AC plug-in wallbox Level 2 EV chargers, smart chargers that are compatible with all EV and hybrid plug-in vehicles. The chargers offer adjustable charging up to 40–50 amps, depending on model. (855-288-3587,

Electric GT offers turnkey E-Crate conversion systems to replace four-, six, or eight-cylinder ICE vehicles. (619-717-6009,

Hypercraft USA offers turnkey electric drive systems for everything from one-off builds to scaled commercial production. (208-670-7289,

Legacy EV has an EV conversion kit for virtually any gas-powered vehicle manufactured since 1900. Legacy also offers a variety of individual components for EV conversions, and educational programs for technicians as well. (602-518-3223,

Motorcadd specializes in EV conversions for medium- and heavy-duty trucks and vans. (352-223-1723,

Scorpion EV converts Mk4 roadsters from Factory Five Racing to full EV power using a Tesla Model S drivetrain. All the customer needs to do, the company says, is select their roadster’s color, and Scorpion will handle the rest. (

EV-Related Education Sessions at the Show

The 2022 SEMA Show will feature more than 70 education sessions, some of which will focus on vehicle electrification. Examples include:

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