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California Finalizes Rule to Ban Sale of New ICE-Powered Cars by 2035


By SEMA Washington, D.C., Staff

Engine BanThe California Air Resources Board (CARB) has voted to finalize a SEMA-opposed rule to implement California Governor Gavin Newsom’s 2020 executive order to phase out the sale of new diesel- or gas-powered cars in the state by 2035. The rule requires 35% of new cars, SUVs and small trucks sold to be zero-emissions starting in 2026, increasing to 68% in 2030 and 100% in 2035. In 2022, zero-emissions vehicles have made up about 16% of new cars sold in California. The rule also sets durability, warranty and other provisions on zero-emissions vehicles.

“SEMA believes that Californians should not be directed toward a specific technology, but rather be allowed to choose the type of vehicle technology that best serves them,” said SEMA CEO Mike Spagnola. “While electric vehicle technology expands clean transportation options, SEMA will continue to advocate on behalf of the industry that has helped make the internal-combustion engine (ICE) a reliable, affordable and clean option for millions of consumers.”

Between 1980 and 2020, the combined emissions from the six most common air pollutants dropped 78% thanks in large part to advancements in cleaner ICE technology, which continues to improve.

“SEMA supports marketplace solutions that guarantee affordable consumer choice, preserve jobs and enjoy widespread consensus within industry, government and the general public,” added Spagnola.

The newly adopted regulations could lead to 17 other states that have often followed all or part of California’s previous clean-car rules adopting similar proposals. The sale of used cars would not be affected under the proposal, and it would not force the current fleet of diesel- or gas-powered vehicles off the road.

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