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Webinar: World-Class Manufacturing for the Small Business

By Ashley Reyes

Manufacturer WebinarQuality is one of the most important functions of a manufacturing business. While large companies are able to invest heavily in sophisticated quality management systems, small businesses are often intimidated by these processes. That doesn’t mean that small businesses can or should dismiss the importance of manufacturing quality products.  

SEMA-member manufacturers are invited to a live webinar, “World-Class Manufacturing for the Small Business,” September 28, at 11:00 a.m. (PDT), where Josh Saldivar, director of manufacturing at BluePrint Engines, will go over the proven principles of lean manufacturing and explain the essential elements that are particularly useful to small businesses. Attendees will learn the balance between a robust quality system and an efficient operation, and the value-add processes that improve quality without bogging down small businesses with red tape.   

The webinar will also touch on lean- and quality-system basics, how to decide what processes are right for a business and how to implement quality systems without major disruption. Saldavir will answer participants’ questions live.

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