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Register for the 2022 SEMA State of the Industry Spring Webinar

By Ashley Reyes

The world has changed, but how much has it changed, and how is it impacting the automotive aftermarket?  

SEMA members can get details on the state of the automotive specialty-equipment market in the new report, “SEMA State of the Industry—Spring 2022.” Filled with new data on the industry, the report will be available for download on April 21, and the SEMA Market Research team will go through the new findings during a webinar on April 27 at 11:00 a.m. (PDT).  

During the webinar, participants will hear from Gavin Knapp, SEMA director of Market Research, and Kyle Cheng, SEMA Market Research manager, as they share:

  • Overall data on how the industry is doing.   
  • If sales and demand are up or down year-over year.  
  • How your business compares to the overall industry.  
  • What the trends tell us about the future, including for consumers.  
  • Changes that can impact future decisions.  
  • The outlook for 2022 and beyond.  

Webinar participants will have an opportunity to ask questions about the data. Learn more and register here.