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ETTN Webinar: Optimizing Cylinder Pressure to Obtain Peak Engine Performance

By Ashley Reyes

Knowing how to identify and professionally analyze combustion events, such as knocks, preignition, rev-limiter tuning and broken crankshafts is crucial to obtaining peak engine performance.

Join Gary Patterson, R&D engineer at Roush Yates Engines, during a SEMA webinar on April 19, at 1:00 pm (PDT), to discover the tools that are available to help measure cylinder pressure, how to identify the data in real-time and what actions to take as a result of the data. Whether it’s calibration optimization or valve timing optimization, the modifications can make a difference in overall engine performance.

Geared toward automotive engineers, programmers and product developers, the webinar will cover:

  • Cylinder Pressure Measurements: What equipment it takes to acquire data, what the raw data looks like and examples of good versus bad data.
  • Data Interpretation: How to interpret the data to quickly optimize ignition timing, and understanding valve timing tradeoffs.
  • Abnormal Events: Examples of abnormal events such as knocks, preignition, examples of good and bad rev limiter tuning, detecting a broken crankshaft during a test, and stopping the test before damaging the engine block.
  • Other Indicating System Uses: Other types of measurements indicating systems (i.e., fuel-rail pressure oscillations, crankshaft torsion and bending).

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