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Last Chance: Training for Future Executives, Business Owners, CEOs and Other Leadership Roles

By Ashley Reyes

FLNThe deadline for applications to the Future Leaders Network (FLN) Professional Development Training Program is February 11, 2022. While space is limited, applications are still be accepted at FLN Professional Training.

The program is presented as part of FLN’s commitment to cultivating young talent and developing strong leadership skills. FLN partnered with the world-renown Dale Carnegie trainers to present members with the highly rated, research-based program at a significant cost savings. With decades of proven results, the Dale Carnegie Leadership Training Program is synonymous with leadership and success. FLN is subsidizing the cost of the program and making the program available to members at 50% off—a cost savings of $800. FLN is also providing complimentary hotel and meals for the entire two days of the program, taking place March 24–25 in Southern California.

While there are many courses that help individuals enhance their leadership skills, here are five reasons why members should take advantage of the FLN Program:

1. Designed specifically for the automotive aftermarket. 

The program is open only to FLN members, which consists of top technology, marketing and sales, operations and executive minds in the automotive industry. (Non-FLN members who meet qualifications are invited to join FLN at no cost.) Whether a member is an entrepreneur, business leader or actively pursuing a higher level of professionalism the specialty-equipment aftermarket, this program is specifically for aspiring leaders in the automotive workspace.  

2. Led by world renown Dale Carnegie trainers  

For years, the most successful individuals and organizations have turned to Dale Carnegie's books and seminars to help them reach new levels of advancement. “How To Win Friends and Influence People” essentially set the standard for interpersonal effectiveness, and the book continues to be as valid today as ever. Dale Carnegie’s methods and principles will help FLN members gain the confidence and tools to build relationships and drive results by gaining willing cooperation and commitment.

3. Cost savings of more than $1,000  

The same training program from Dale Carnegie $1,600, but available to FLN members at 50% of the cost and includes complimentary hotel and food for the two-day program in Southern California. (Participants will need to arrange their own travel to the event.)

4. Tailored courses for aspiring leaders  

The program is among the most highly rated training programs available and designed specifically for up-and-coming leaders. Whether you’re struggling with the transition from employee to supervisor, looking to gain skills as a business owner, or aspire to a C-Suite position, the program is proven to help with the skills most needed by new leaders:

  • Communicating professionally and confidently in business situations.
  • Engaging others by building rapport, asking pertinent questions and listening.
  • Building relationships and dealing effectively with people in a multitude of scenarios.
  • Gaining cooperation and influencing people, including direct reports, laterally and upward.
  • Using emotional controls to sustain success.

5. Two days of high-collaborative industry interaction and networking

With limited participation, the program offers quality networking time and targeted conversations. Instructors hone in on the information more relevant to participants and engage with the group in a meaningful way. Participants are also able to connect and engage with others of like mind and make quality connections with individuals who have similar passions and goals.

FLN members are encouraged to sign up, and supervisors and business owners are encouraged to send their star employees. Deadline to take advantage of the discounted program is February 11.

Interested individuals can learn more or contact Denise Waddingham, FLN director, at