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SEMA Webinar: Hydrogen-Fueled ICE for Performance Application

By Ashley Reyes

Many SEMA members make products exclusively for increasing performance of internal combustion engines (ICE). While the current trajectory of OEMs focusing on EV technology threatens the potential applications for their products, the promise of zero-emissions ICE technology provides hope and insight into future possible markets and applications for their products.

SEMA members are invited to a live webinar on February 23 to hear from Mike Copeland of Diversified Creations as he discusses their latest project—a hydrogen-fueled internal-combustion engine built from a supercharged LS and installed in a ’48 Chevy truck. Codenamed Zero, this truck produces zero tailpipe emissions.

By joining this webinar, attendees will learn about:

  • Hydrogen ICE technology and the viability of hydrogen as a fuel.
  • The difference between hydrogen ICE and fuel cell technology.
  • The applicability of hydrogen ICE in the performance segment.
  • The hydrogen infrastructure and performance potential of hydrogen ICE.

Learn more and register for the webinar here.