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Why Business Owners Need to Be Prepared for the Sale of Their Companies

By Ashley Reyes

Many business owners spend years starting and developing their business, but often receive only a fraction of what the business is actually worth when they transition or sell.  

During a live webinar on Thursday, January 27, at 11:00 a.m. (PST), SEMA members will hear from business advisors Chuck and Gayle Ross, principal partners at Ross Business Solutions, as they share the exit strategy needed to harvesting the true value of a business.

Chuck has first-hand experience growing his own business and accelerating his firm’s value through continuous quality, safety, and environmental systems and procedures. Likewise, Gayle is experienced in both corporate America and as a small-business owner, has proven to help solve big business problems on a small-business budget and help business owners build their business with the end in mind.  

Whether you plan on transitioning in the next few months or the next few years, this webinar will address what you need to know so that you will be prepared to transition your company on your terms and reach your personal, lifestyle and professional wealth goals. 

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