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What the Automotive Aftermarket Will Look Like in 2022

By Ashley Reyes
Around three-quarters of the specialty-equipment industry thinks their sales will grow in 2022, and companies are optimistic about their short-term and long-term prospects, according to new SEMA Market Research. The findings are outlined in the upcoming “SEMA Future Trends Report,” which also suggests that while auto sales remain disrupted by the ongoing chip and input shortage, sales are likely to remain below pre-pandemic levels until 2023.

During the January 19 webinar, ”Outlook for 2022: Industry Forecast, Supply Chain Projections and Changing Consumer Demographics,” SEMA members will learn what they need to know to plan ahead for the new year, and get an in-depth overview of the of the upcoming “SEMA Future Trends Report” live from the SEMA Market Research team.

Gavin Knapp, SEMA director of market research, and Kyle Cheng, SEMA Market Research manager, will provide a live forecast on the industry's growth in the coming years, discuss the current supply-chain disruption, and explore generational shifts within the industry’s consumer base and what they mean for the industry.

Log in to SEMA Education to register. Participants will also have the exclusive opportunity to participate in a Q&A with the SEMA Market Research team.