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YEN Member Spotlight: Tony Mandella of PMR Race & Speed Shop's Guiding Light for Superior Products

By Ashley Reyes

Tony MandellaTony Mandella is the SEMA Young Executives Network’s (YEN) newest spotlight member. Mandella is a partner at PMR Race & Speed Shop, an automotive aftermarket company that builds high-performance vehicles and offers a full line of high-performance speed parts.

Find out what keeps Mandella in the industry and how he prepares for important meetings in his interview with SEMA below.

SEMA: What is the best advice you have ever received?

Tony Mandella: My dad always taught me that quality is in the detail. This always remains a main part of our family business (that my father started) and with me in my personal life as well. This type of thinking leads to a lot of positive things, from work environment to superior quality in products and the services that we offer.

SEMA: What keeps you in the industry?

TM: My passion for racing and all things high performance keeps me in the industry.

SEMA: Where can you be found on a Saturday?

TM: I can be found at the shop or at the drag strip.

SEMA: How do you prepare for an important meeting?

TM: I prep myself with the necessary materials ahead of time so that I can focus on the important items during the meeting rather than trying to play catch up.

SEMA: If you could go to lunch with one industry leader, living or dead, who it would be?

TM: Wally Parks would be my choice because of what he was able to create for drag racing. His vision for the sport and passion that he shared would be reason alone and inspiring.

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