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Proven Strategies for Networking During the Pandemic

By Ashley Reyes

Virtual EducationNetworking has changed dramatically over the past year. Virtual networking became commonplace as the pandemic put a hold on in-person events and forced many individuals to adapt to a new landscape. While in-person events are beginning to come back, virtual networking will still be important and effective for individuals to meet new people, and for companies to reach new markets.  

SEMA members will learn how to properly network through various channels and discover the ins and outs of different networking platforms during a live webinar on Tuesday, September 28, at 11:00 a.m. (PDT).    

Discussion topics include:  

  • Networking platforms that are best for you and your needs at a certain time.
  • How to use networking to your advantage for job leads.
  • How to stay connected over time once a relationship is established .

Attendees will even be able to connect with one another as they share ideas during an interactive breakout with other automotive aftermarket professionals. Participants will leave inspired and motivated to start networking their way to more beneficial connections.   

Learn more and register here for “Network Your Way to Beneficial Connections.”