Business Tools

Business Hacks for Automotive Aftermarket Startups

By Ashley Reyes


COVID-19 has changed the face of how all businesses operate. Many companies have adapted to new ways of doing business and the changing environment.

SEMA members are invited to learn business hacks for entrepreneurs and startup companies during a Facebook live chat on August 20, at 10:00 a.m. (PDT). Andrew Johnson, head of product at AutoAnything, will share lessons he’s learned over the years. He has had experience as product marketer for Apple, was founder of a technology startup Wheelwell, and is now head of product for AutoAnything, where he oversees the company’s portfolio of six ecommerce properties.

Johnson is also a consultant for digital product development for Porsche Digital and a number of early-stage companies in various industries. During this live chat, attendees will tap into his expertise as he discusses useful online business tools, startup fundraising and where he sees the future of small businesses and technology going in the next one to five years.

Location: ETTN Facebook page