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WTC Members: High-Tech Tools Available to You Through the SEMA Garage

By Ashley Reyes

WTCWith so many makes and model vehicles on the market, developing new wheels and tires that properly fit new cars and trucks is a complicated process. Getting access to new vehicles or developing durable, low-cost prototypes can help manufacturers to shorten the production time, create improved products and get to market faster.

Wheel and tire manufacturers are invited to a webinar on August 18 at 1:00 p.m. (PDT) to learn about the resources, high-tech tools and equipment available to them as a SEMA member through the SEMA Garage.

Moderated by Mike Lusso of Hennessey Industries, the webinar will feature the SEMA Garage team sharing the latest information on:  

  • Measuring Sessions: Learn how you can get your hands on new vehicle models from automakers for product-development purposes.
  • 3-D Printing Capabilities: Learn how you can print a prototype of your product at a low cost, and eliminate costly changes before mass production begins.
  • Tech Transfer: Discover how you can access CAD files from OEMs to develop high-quality parts for wheel and tire fitment.
  • ADAS: Lean about ADAS systems’ impact on the wheel and tire segment, and find out what services will be available through the new SEMA Garage in Detroit.

Learn more and register here for Wheel Knowledge 401: Resources for WTC members.