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SEMA Market Report: Learn How Enthusiasts Navigated 2020


By Matt Kennedy

Market ResearchThe year 2020 was in many ways unprecedented for the specialty-automotive aftermarket. Unique disruptions stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic forced consumers to make often radical adjustments to their daily lives, with many remaining largely stuck at home for much of the year.

With time on their hands and a lot of their usual places to spend money no longer an option, it was a great time for folks to work on their vehicle(s). Many consumers took advantage. In the recently released “2021 SEMA Market Report,” you’ll find information and insights into how specialty-automotive consumers reacted to COVID-19, and how those adaptations affected our industry.

A few examples of what SEMA’s research found include:

  • 48% of specialty-automotive enthusiasts spent more time than normal shopping online for car parts.
  • 40% of enthusiasts spent more time working on their vehicles themselves.
  • An estimated 57% of parts purchases made were through online channels.
  • U.S. consumers bought nearly $8 billion worth of parts through independent retailers.

And that’s just scratching the surface. You’ll find a whole lot more data in the full report on the parts market, consumer behavior, vehicle population trends, and more in the “2021 SEMA Market Report,” available now at Download your copy today!