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Featured Products From SEMA Data Excellence Members

The SEMA Data Excellence designation recognizes the companies that have worked with SEMA Data to recreate and relaunch industry-leading product data sets. Here are products from current SEMA Data members that have achieved data excellence.

Crossover Toolboxes for Jeep Gladiator

CamLocker is now offering crossover toolboxes made specifically for Jeep Gladiators. Due to the narrow bed width and the fuel filler neck position, these boxes are 60-in. wide and have beveled sides, instead of notches, allowing for clearance while minimizing loss of capacity. All Gladiator boxes feature a low profile lid, dual connected carbon steel T-handles, full-length stainless steel hinges, and a patented cam locking system. Built from thick .063-gauge aluminum and lined with mold-resistant carpeting inside, CamLocker tool boxes carry a three-year limited warranty and are hand-crafted entirely in Florida. The S60LPBLRLMB features a rail on top for securing coolers or other gear and is matte black powdercoated. CamLocker is The Key To Security.

’71–’73 Ford Mustang Complete Kit

HushMat’s ‘71–’73 Ford Mustang Complete Kit sound-deadening and thermal-insulation material is designed to make every type of vehicle cool, quiet and comfortable to drive and enjoy! HushMat is an easy-to-install, USA-made material that molds, forms and adheres to your vehicle’s surface. No tools, glues and or special equipment needed to install HushMat. Simply peel and stick. HushMat has invested thousands of hours over the past 15 years measuring vehicles to create a year-, make- and model-specific portfolio of 365,000 part numbers.  HushMat insulates firewall, floor pan, tunnel, doors, roof and trunk.  HushMat even provides installation templates to show where each piece is placed.
PN: 61271P

Tuffy Security Products
Dual Standard Drink Holders

Tuffy Security Products Dual Standard Drink Holders are manufactured with robust welded steel and feature a durable powdercoat finish designed to accommodate two oversized 3½-in. beverage containers. Rubber drink fingers surround the interior edge of the holders to grip the container, reducing vibration and eliminating any rattling. The product’s universal design mounts to any flat surface, or they can be attached to the back of any Tuffy Deluxe Stereo II Console or Series II Console. They can also be used on tractors, heavy equipment, or in other creative applications. Mounting hardware is included. Available colors include: black, light gray, charcoal, spice or light tan.

ZyBar 16-oz. Cast High Temperature Heat Dissipation Coating

ZyBar 16-oz. cast high-temperature heat-dissipation coating is designed to reduce radiant heat, reduce under hood temperatures, offers outstanding corrosion resistance, provides lasting color stability under the most extreme engine conditions and extends the life of your components. ZyBar is rated to internal temperatures well in excess of 2000° F. ZyBar is a single component, durable polymer coating that far outperforms ceramic paints, wraps and heat tapes. ZyBar is spray-applied inside and outside the component. ZyBar treats manifolds, headers, turbo housings, exhaust, brakes and intakes. ZyBar is a thin .001-.0025 film coating that is either oven cured (2 hours at 450° F) or air cured (120 hours). 
PN: 13016