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ARMO Kicks Off New Builder Series With Interview From Coachworks Founder Bob Smith "The Ferrari King"

By Ashley Reyes

A new video featuring Bob Smith, legendary builder and founder of Coachworks who is sometimes dubbed “The Ferrari King,” is now available from SEMA Virtual Education. The video is the first of the Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO) Builder Series that brings viewers stories from some of the industry’s most passionate and creative builders.

Hosted by Sabra Johnson of Classic City Cars, the premiere video features Smith—a designer, wood craftsman, engineer and upholsterer—providing his unique and entertaining perspective on auto restoration. In addition to showing Smith at his shop, he sits down for intimate and candid conversations about how he began his career, restoration versus restomod, lessons learned from working in the industry, advice for other restoration builders and more.

Watch the video and stay tuned to SEMA eNews and ARMO social media for Episode Two featuring Steve Cook of Steve Cook Creations, scheduled to release August 5.