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New On-Demand Webinars Available from SEMA Virtual Education

By Ashley Reyes

EducationAvailable when you need them, where you need them; SEMA’s On-Demand Virtual Education library includes dozens of recorded sessions that SEMA members can access anytime, anywhere.  

Below are newly added and popular recordings that are available. For a complete list of sessions and registration information for upcoming webinars, visit

Industry Talks Track

SBN Live Chat featuring Alex Parker

As CMO and executive vice president of Redline Detection, Alex Parker utilizes her professional background in psychology, digital marketing, and publishing to generate great brand buzz around her company with authenticity and transparency. Watch a recording of her Facebook Live Chat as she shares tips for getting your brand noticed. Watch on-demand.

YEN Live Chat featuring Eric Snyder and Dan Ingber

Find out why the motorsports industry is in jeopardy and how the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act of 2021 (RPM Act) is necessary to the industry’s future. In this Facebook Live Chat recording, Dan Ingber and Eric Snyder from the SEMA Washington, DC, team discuss how the bill is protecting Americans’ right to convert street vehicles into dedicated racecars and the motorsports-parts industry’s ability to sell products that enable racers to compete. Watch on-demand.

SEMA Industry Insights Series

State of the Industry: Where are we now?

Learn about current state of the specialty-equipment industry and information on where the market is headed. Presented by SEMA Market Research, this webinar recording features new stats on how the industry weathered the pandemic, current industry trends and sales performance, and projections for 2021 and beyond. Watch on-demand.

ADAS Webinar Series

ADAS Technologies: Real-World Systems and Trends

As Part 1 of the 3-Part SEMA ADAS webinar series geared toward SEMA members who manufacture and install products for ADAS equipped vehicles, this webinar features industry experts providing a high-level look at current ADAS systems' function, technology and trends. Watch on-demand.

Wheel and Tire Industry Insights, powered by WTC

Wheel Knowledge 301: Did you know?

Listen in as wheel and tire technical experts explain simple yet confusing topics surrounding wheels and tires that are often misunderstood and can be difficult to learn about. Key discussion topics include wheel width and its effect handling, contact patch sizes, P-metric vs LT fitment, DOT codes, the slope of road on Dualies and wheel evolution. Watch on-demand.