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Resources Connecting Exhibitors With Media at the SEMA Show

By Della Domingo

New Products
Participating in the New Products Showcase is a great way to
generate media coverage for new and featured products.

As the premier automotive trade event in the world, the SEMA Show attracts thousands of media to the annual event each year. Journalists at the SEMA Show are looking for news and information that they can share with their readers, viewers and listeners. The following programs are available to help exhibitors get their news in front of SEMA Show media.

  • Online Media Center: Editors from nationwide media outlets, as well as SEMA publications and social-media outlets, use the releases from the SEMA Show Online Media Center to fill their publications with Show-related news. Exhibitors are invited to post releases in the Online Media Center by using the online form here.
  • Enter the New Products Showcase: In addition to showcasing products in a high-traffic area of the SEMA Show, participating in the New Products Showcase is a great way to generate media coverage for new and featured products. All exhibitors can enter a qualified product for free and have the product professionally photographed. The photos are used in SEMA publications and sent to media, who use the images in their coverage promoting the best new products from the SEMA Show. Enter the New Products Showcase.
  • Press Conferences: While private media briefings and individual meetings are ideal for connecting journalists, press conferences may be idea for announcements that appeal to a large number of media. Exhibitors should be aware that press conferences do require a considerable amount of planning and effort, and media are not obligated to attend the press conferences. However, newsworthy announcements with strong interview opportunities and visuals will increase the likelihood of media attending. Exhibitors are invited to submit applications for press conferences here.

Exhibitors can learn more about public relations resources available at the SEMA Show by visiting the Exhibitor Services Manual, and contacting to receive ongoing PR tips and updates for SEMA Show exhibitors.