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Featured Products From SDC Data Excellence Members


The SDC Data Excellence recognizes the companies that have worked with SDC to recreate and relaunch industry-leading product data sets. Here are products from current SDC members that have achieved data excellence.

H/E Series Twin Screw Brushless Pumps

Fuelab upgrades its H/E Series 474xx, 617xx and 939xx twin screw brushless pumps to offer 600-lph options capable of supporting 1,500 hp on gas and 1,000 hp on E85 in a single pump configuration.

H/E pumps provide extremely low current draw, superior priming capabilities and greater resistance to cavitation.
PN: 47404, 61704, 61714, 93904

Roll N Lock RNL
M Series
M Series

The M-Series retractable truck bed cover provides you the security of a hard cover, smooth appearance of a soft cover, and convenience of a retractable cover. Its durable vinyl-over-aluminum hybrid design is dedicated to four season protection and optimal bed security.

It tackles durability while remaining exceptionally easy to operate with its unique frictionless construction and insulated grip lever. Simply use its key to unlock and begin to open towards the cab as it retracts into its compact canister.

The M-Series locks in multiple open positions along the truck bed and can open, lock and close without even opening the truck’s tailgate. Roll-N-Lock’s M-Series retractable truck bed cover has a quick and easy install, are made in the USA, and backed by a three-year warranty.

Truck Covers USA
American Roll Cover
Truck Covers

The American Roll Cover manufactured by Truck Covers USA is considered the toughest, most durable, and best-looking, retractable aluminum cover available on the market. Built on customer feedback and experience, it has superior style, is easy to operate, and versatile. Add our unique toolbox-cover combo, the American Work Cover, or our one-of-a-kind Work Cover Junior with a toolbox that takes up no more bed space than that of a canister.

With the addition of the American Rack System, the most sophisticated rack system available, your truck cover becomes next level! When work is done, bike those mountains, ski those slopes, camp, and more without compromising the functionality of your American Roll Cover.