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Ways to Improve Your Managerial Skills and Boost Your Team's Productivity

By Ashley Reyes

Virtual EducationCreating an environment that avoids micromanagement leads to employee self-sufficiency and, consequently, to productivity. During the webinar “Reducing Micromanagement and Increasing Employee Self-Sufficiency” taking place, Thursday, May 13, at 12:00 p.m. (PDT), managers and supervisors will learn tips for reducing micromanagement and how they can build confidence, efficiency and productivity within their departments that will lead to the long-term growth of their staff and company.  

During the SEMA webinar, managers and supervisors will learn:   

  • How to identify common micromanagement habits and understand the impact on the organization.
  • Best practices for setting a team up for success and ensuring that project goals are being met as a team.
  • Ways to increase comfort levels between both the manager and employees
  • Tips for proactively reducing micromanagement.

Attendees will participate in a breakout session following the webinar presentation to share their previous micromanagement experiences and discuss what they have learned.

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