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Featured Products From SDC Data Excellence Members

By SEMA Editors

The SDC Data Excellence recognizes the companies that have worked with SDC to recreate and relaunch industry-leading product data sets. Here are products from current SDC members that have achieved data excellence.

Pro Series Line

Fuelab announces its all-new Pro Series line, developed for high-horsepower, high-flow applications where fuels such as methanol or E85 are used. At the center of the new series is the 40501 Pro Series Spur Gear pump, a variable speed pump built to handle more than 2500 hp, with extremely low current draw.


Built to compliment the all-new Spur Gear Pump are the 868xx Pro Series In-Line Fuel Filters. Built for maximum flow and minimal pressure drop, Fuelab’s new Pro Series Extreme Flow In-Line Fuel Filters are tough to beat. With a 10 GPM flow rating, these fuel filters offer huge flow capacity under extreme conditions.


And lastly, Fuelab’s 565 Series Fuel Pressure regulator, with its all-new look, rounds out the Fuelab Pro Series line. 565 Series Fuel Pressure Regulators have all of the same great features as the 515/525 Series except for extreme capacity. Utilizing a massive half-inch return orifice and -10AN ports, the regulator holds no bounds. With a bypass capability over 5 GPM at 5 psi, the regulator can handle blow through carbureted applications well over 1,800 hp and for EFI applications using belt driven fuel pumps. Regulator comes in four different pressure ranges covering applications between 4 and 80 psi.
PNs: 565, 868xx, 40501, 565xx Cut-Away, 868xx Cut-Away, 40501 Cut-Away

Oracle Lighting
Nissan GT-R ColorSHIFT “Lighting Bolt” RGB+W Headlight DRL Upgrade
Oracle Lighting

Oracle Lighting announced the launch of the new GT-R ColorSHIFT “Lightning Bolt” RGB+W headlight DRL upgrade for the Nissan GT-R (model years ’15-’21). The replacement boards feature Oracle Lighting’s traditional RGB ColorSHIFT technology along with an extra “True White LED,” which makes pure white tones that gives the user a crisp, white DRL and the ability to instantly switch over for 100% legal road driving. This lighting option provides color-changing capabilities without giving up any of the original factory features.
PN: Kit for model years ’15–’21

Tuffy Security Products
Flip-Up Front License Plate Holder

Tuffy's front-mounted winch meets state front license plate requirements with its #189 Front License Plate Holder, which fits roller fairleads as well as the #333 for Hawse fairleads. The product enables the front license plate to attach firmly to the winch fairleads, and quickly flip out of the way when the winch is needed.

Manufactured of welded steel with a black powdercoat finish and a theft-deterring design, its strong construction looks good while also preventing the license plate from being stolen. It requires no drilling or wire ties, comes with all necessary mounting hardware and works with standard roller style (PN 189) or Hawse fairleads (PN 333) using synthetic rope.
PN: #189/#333