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Featured Products From Platinum SDC Members

By SEMA Editors

Platinum status represents SDC manufacturers that have achieved the pinnacle of product data by putting in the extra effort to provide resellers with the most complete data sets available.

Professional Grade Tire Pressure Gauges
AutoMeter Tire Gauge

No matter how you use your vehicle, having a properly inflated tire is critical. On the track, having an exact measurement of your tire pressure is oftentimes the difference between lighting up the win lights and blowing your tires off at the line. While offroading, proper tire pressure ensures maximum traction. For everyday driving, the correct tire pressure helps increase fuel economy and lessens the wear on tires. AutoMeter’s professional grade digital tire pressure gauge provides the most accurate measurement available in a durable package designed for the rigors of life at the track, offroad, or anywhere.

PN: 2160


The JMS BoostMAX is designed to work with all EcoBoost engines to considerably increase Horsepower and Torque, up to 50+WHP depending on application. The plug and play design are easy to install, connecting to your factory MAP and TIP sensors with an included knob for on-the-fly boost adjustment. You’ll feel increased throttle response across the entire power band, with no aftermarket OBDII programming required. For the ultimate in power and control, pair with the JMS PedalMAX. BoostMAX units are fully waterproof, backed by a lifetime warranty, and made in the USA.


Oracle Lighting
Powersports Illuminated LED Wheel Rings
Oracle Lighting

Oracle Lighting is proud to announce its new illuminated LED wheel rings. Designed specifically for the harsh conditions of off-road use, our new illuminated LED wheel rings are an easy and effective way to light up the wheels, underbody, and suspension on your UTV, ATV, or side-by-side. This head-turning lighting product consists of a set of four LED, illuminated aluminum rings which install around the brake rotor and attaches to the fixed knuckle assembly. Wiring features Plug-and-Play waterproof connectors for easy installation. The effect is a vivid ring of light which accents the wheels and suspension to make your rig stand out. The 12-inch diameter is designed to fit most wheels 14-inches and larger and works on most UTV, ATV, SXS, and sub-compact car applications. Featuring an industry-leading encapsulation and insulation method, these LEDs are completely waterproof.

PN: 4250-334