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SEMA Virtual Education Upcoming Events

By Ashley Reyes

EducationSEMA Virtual Education includes live, simu-live and debut recordings that provide SEMA members with an opportunity to hear from and engage with leading experts, as well as learn about the most current hot topics and trends.

Upcoming sessions are listed below, with new sessions announced throughout the year. Stay tuned to SEMA eNews as new events are announced weekly:

SEMA Virtual Education Upcoming Events

*Stay tuned to SEMA eNews as new events are announced weekly.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021 - Everything You Need to Know About the New PPP Program

Track: Legislative & Regulatory

Last month, the $900 billion federal stimulus law that was enacted included $284 billion for first and second Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans and a simpler one-page loan forgiveness application form. Learn more about the new law during this informational webinar presented by national columnist and CPA Gene Marks.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2021 – Tire Knowledge 201: Standards for Determining Rim Width and Load Capacity

Series: Wheel and Tire Industry Insights, powered by WTC

Track:  Industry Segments, powered by SEMA Councils and Networks

Wheel and tire professionals are strongly encouraged to tune in to this webinar, where leading tire technical experts will address the specifics of load index and load ranges, when and where they apply, and how to calculate the correct air pressure for certain applications. This 40-minute session will answer all the basic questions and empower sales staff to be able to communicate and effectively sell to consumers.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2021 – Navigating Career Advancement Conversations

Series: Sharpen Your Soft Skills Series, powered by SBN

Track: Industry Segments, powered by SEMA Councils and Networks

As the new year begins, it’s time to think about your career. Promotions and job advancements are likely top of mind, but asking for a raise or promotion is not always easy. In “Navigating Career Advancement Conversations," owner of HR Culture Geek Elizabeth Jacobs will help attendees understand the best methods to connect with management to successfully attain salaries, raises and promotions. The one-hour session will address how to avoid what can potentially be an uncomfortable conversation, and how to focus the discussion on their work and not the finances.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2021 – What Now? Industry Path in the Wake of Disruption

Series: SEMA Industry Insights Series

Track: Trends & Research

As aftermarket businesses enter the new year, the state of the industry will be closely watched for new sales trends and market planning. Join SEMA Market Research as they introduce potential scenarios for 2021 and explore the industry’s path in the wake of disruption, the economy, and changes in vehicle segment sales and market size.

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