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TORA Volunteer Spotlight: Will Wendy Miles Ever Trade Her Nissan Xterra in for the Electric Rivian R1S?

By Ashley Reyes

Wendy Miles
Wendy Miles
Wendy Miles is  a sales manager for THE SHOP and a proud owner of a well-modified Nissan Xterra. 

The SEMA Truck & Off-Road Alliance’s (TORA) newest Volunteer Spotlight member is Wendy Miles of THE SHOP magazine. Miles is a current TORA Select Committee volunteer, a sales manager for THE SHOP and a proud owner of a well-modified Nissan Xterra. Check out her Q&A with SEMA to learn more about her experience volunteering for TORA and what her advice is for maintaining integrity and treating everyone in a respectful manner.

SEMA: What inspired you to pursue a career in the truck and off-road industry?    

Wendy Miles: I had been working for a magazine in the RV industry when a position opened at THE SHOP. Having never owned an RV, but having had an off-road and sports car (I still hope to finish and race), I was eager to make the move.

SEMA: Why did you decide to volunteer for TORA? How has it or will it impact you?    

WM: We only get one life and it is up to us to make a positive impact on the world while we can. For that reason, I enjoy volunteering in various areas. Some are community-service-based and others are leadership roles.   

I have met so many wonderful people through TORA, who all share a passion for this segment of the industry and life itself. Everyone I have met has been fun and eager to help others.

SEMA: What advice do you have for someone pursuing a career in the automotive aftermarket?    

WM: While the industry is large, just about everyone is connected in some way or another. Therefore, the standard life advice of maintaining integrity and treating everyone in a respectful manner is even more important. If you don’t, it will find its way around. You may not like everyone you meet, but it’s important to recognize the value they provide. Also, network, network, network.

SEMA: What is your dream truck or off-road vehicle? Where would we find you in it on any weekend?    

WM: I'm not one to buy a vehicle strictly based on its practicality. I currently have a well-modified Nissan Xterra that I enjoy taking off-road (and occasionally breaking) on the trails of Colorado and Utah. I am also eager to see the capabilities of the Rivian R1S. Will the “Crazy Redhead” ever go full electric? We shall see, but I’m going to need to modify it and make it my own.