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Secrets to a Successful SEMA360

By SEMA Editors

As a 100% online event, SEMA360 will be available  from any  computer  with internet access. Join  the industry  on November 2-6, as the industry connects and conducts business.  

Register for SEMA360 today.

Get the most out of the experience through the following tips: 

  • Get your  work space  ready for five days focused on new products and feature vehicles.  
  • Make sure you have a reliable computer. 
  • Prepare a spot on your hard drive to download brochures and sell sheets from manufacturers. 
  • Check your Internet connection. 
  • Have a camera,  microphone  and speakers on your computer so you can participate in optional video chats. 
  • Consider getting blue light glasses to ease the strain on your eyes. 
  • A comfortable chair will make the experience much more enjoyable.  
  • Have a plan. Remember to schedule breaks when you get up and walk  around, and  stretch your hands and fingers. Also, block times on your calendar to participate in the seminars you  don’t want to miss, and for browsing the New Products Showcase, Builder Showcase and Manufacturer Showcase pages.