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Companies That Have Achieved SDC Data Excellence

By SEMA Editors

The SEMA Data Co-op (SDC) is the largest database of specialty market product information.

Manufacturers who achieve data excellence status (listed below) have provided the desired product descriptions, digital assets, vehicle fitment, and other sales-related facets to make it easy for retailers, jobbers, and WDs to create engaging and informative product listings, giving customers confidence in their buying decision.

Products from these brands will be featured in future SEMA eNews issues.

American Car Craft
’08–’20 Challenger/Charger/Magnum/300 5.7L- 5.7L Engine Shroud Dress-up Kit

This American Car Craft 5.7L Engine Shroud Trim Kit is crafted from premium grade polished stainless steel and is designed for very easy installation. This dress-up engine shroud kit fits on the 5.7L stock engine shroud and adds a clean show-winning style to the engine bay.

The Engine Shroud Kit includes all trim on engine shroud except HEMI lettering which is sold separately.

The kit fits all 5.7L Engines equipped with the same stock engine shroud.


American Car Craft

Stealth Black Bulk Kit

HushMat's Stealth Black Bulk Kit includes 30 sheets of theUltra sound deadening and thermal insulation material. It's designed to make every type of vehicle cool, quiet and comfortable to drive and enjoy! HushMat is an easy to install, USA Made material that molds, forms and adheres to your vehicle’s surface. No tools, glues and or special equipment needed to install HushMat. Simply peel and stick. HushMat has invested thousands of hours over the past 15 years measuring vehicles to create a year, make and model specific portfolio of 365,000 part numbers. HushMat insulates firewall, floor pan, tunnel, doors, roof and trunk.

Visit or call 913-599-2600.


Leed Brakes
Bandit Vacuum Pumps

Bandit Vacuum Pumps are a Rotary Vane style electric vacuum pump. This style pump is 30% more efficient and 60% quieter than a traditional vacuum pump. Bandit Pumps are available in three styles: Naked, Black Canister or Chrome Canister.

They are pre-assembled and prewired for simple 2 wire installation. Every kit includes 6-ft. of vacuum hose, wire harness, ring terminal, 15A fuse, mounting hardware, and hose clamp. Canister dimensions are 7-3/4-in. tall x 6-3/4-in. from mounting bracket to face of canister. Pump dimensions are 7-1/4-in. tall x 4-3/4-in. wide x 5-in. max depth.

Bandit Vacuum

Auto Gage
3 ¾-in. Pedestal Tachometers Now Available in 0-10,000 RPM

The new Auto Gage 3¾-in. Pedestal 0-10,000 RPM Tachometer with Shift Light provides great performance at a great value. Available in black (Model #233908) or silver (Model #233909), these models have been engineered to be easy to read with through the dial incandescent lighting featuring bright, distinctly illuminated numbers.

The new AutoGage tachometers are compatible with most 4-, 6- and 8-cylinder engines (2–4 pulse per revolution ignition signals) with points, electronic ignitions and most 12V high-performance racing ignitions. Optimize the use of your engine's power band plus improve vehicle performance and driver gear changes with a rapid response, high visibility user-programmable shift light.

Auto Meter

16 oz. Cast

ZyBar 16 oz. Cast (part #13016) high-temperature heat dissipation coating is designed to reduce radiant heat, reduce under hood temperatures, offers outstanding corrosion resistance, provides lasting color stability under the most extreme engine conditions and extends the life of your components. ZyBar is rated to internal temperatures well in excess of 2000 degrees F. ZyBar is a single component, durable polymer coating that far out performs ceramic paints, wraps and heat tapes. ZyBar is spray applied inside and outside the component. ZyBar treats manifolds, headers, turbo housings, exhaust, brakes and intakes. ZyBar is a thin .001-.0025 film coating that is either oven cured (2 hours at 450 degrees F) or air cured (120 hours).  

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