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Movers & Shakers: Race Winning Brands’ MGP Connecting Rods Business Moves to New Jersey

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Race Winning Brands announced that it moved the MGP Connecting Rods business to Lakewood, New Jersey.

Race Winning Brands’ MGP Connecting Rods Business Moves to New Jersey

Race Winning Brands Inc. (RWB) has announced it has completed the relocation of its MGP Connecting Rods business to Lakewood, New Jersey—home of Manley Performance, another RWB company. RWB has relocated MGP’s complete production line, including the exact same equipment, to Manley Performance’s production facility. Integrating the MGP line into the Manley facility is a key strategic move for RWB, allowing the distinct businesses to share resources and technology.

For MGP customers, nothing will change, and this move is an effort to take MGP to the next level. Anthony Giannone, son of founder Michael Giannone, will run point and oversee MGP sales and customer service while also staying heavily involved with manufacturing and quality control.

USA Today Highlights CTEK's Role in the Fight Against COVID-19

To combat COVID-19, CTEK has provided emergency services globally with critical equipment. For most, a flat vehicle battery is an inconvenience, but in the fight against COVID-19, it could mean life or death. CTEK chargers are providing reliable power management for ambulances, rapid response vehicles, and health care supply equipment. CTEK's commitment to fighting COVID-19 has been featured in USA Today's recently published special edition, Homeland Security.

Don OrrellDon Orrell

PFC Brakes Names New Vice President of Sales and Marketing

PFC Brakes announced that Don Orrell joined PFC Brakes as vice president of sales and marketing, reporting to the president and CEO. In his position, Orrell will lead the PFC sales and marketing departments to pursue the growth goals set out in the PFC strategic plan. With more than 35 years of sales expertise in the light- and heavy-duty aftermarkets, OES and OEM channels, Orrell will not only be a valuable asset to PFC, but also to its customers, the company noted. He has a proven track record of launching new programs, marketing, communications, team development and maintaining strong customer relationships.

Keystone Automotive Operations Inc. Welcomes Scosche Industries Inc.

Keystone Automotive Operations Inc. has added Scosche Industries Inc. to its Mobile Electronics category. Scosche Industries is a multi-generation, family-owned and -operated company that specializes in innovative mobile electronics and automotive accessories. Based in Southern California, what began as a small car audio consulting business has now grown into a global company that serves more than 50 countries with more than 4,000 unique products. Boasting 400-plus patents/trademarks and multiple industry awards, Scosche is an established player in the lifestyle tech industry.

PepsiCo to Be the Official Refreshment of the Bondurant High Performance Driving School

Bondurant High Performance Driving School announced a promotional agreement with PepsiCo, marking the first time that the school has entered into such an encompassing agreement with an international beverage company. PepsiCo will be the exclusive supplier for onsite beverage products at Bondurant, and participate in supporting Bondurant’s charitable initiatives. Bondurant will provide driver safety training courses for select Pepsi employees, design a Pepsi-branded Dodge Hellcat Demon for display at promotional events, and feature Pepsi signage throughout the track and facility. PepsiCo will also install energy efficient vending machines and state-of-the-art glass-front coolers at the school. An assortment of Pepsi beverages, including Rockstar, Muscle Milk, Bang Energy, Naked Juice, Kevita, Starbucks and Lipton products, will be sold onsite, available to students as part of every course enrollment.

Classic Recreations has announced that the recently unveiled heritage Shelby GT500CR carbon-fiber concept car has gone into production.

Classic Recreations’ Carbon-Fiber Heritage Shelby GT500CR Mustang Roars Into Production

Executives with Classic Recreations have announced that the recently unveiled heritage Shelby GT500CR carbon-fiber concept car has gone into production. Dubbed the Carbon Edition, only 25 of these limited-edition supercars will be delivered by the company at the Shelby American facility in Las Vegas, and are available for worldwide distribution. Upon delivery, a donation will also be presented by Classic Recreations to the Carroll Shelby Foundation. Officially unveiled by Classic Recreations in May, this re-imagined American musclecar moves the ’67 Shelby GT500 into the 21st century with a powerful contemporary engine, upgraded suspension, better braking systems and the latest automotive technologies. The Shelby cars combine the best of classic and contemporary worlds, all wrapped in a lightweight and carbon-fiber body. Working with SpeedKore Performance Group, Classic Recreations directed the process to create the woven carbon-fiber bodies using original Shelby molds to reproduce the lines of the classic ’67–’68 Shelby Mustang. The Carbon Edition Shelby GT500CR package is ready for order and will begin at $298,000. Production requires about 12-18 months and select customized upgrade options are available. For sales and ordering information, contact Shelby American at 702-942-7325 or Classic Recreations at 877-235-3266.

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