How Fury Tires Discovered a Niche Never Before Seen in The Industry

By Ashley Reyes

Fury Tires continues to set the bar for the off-road and wheel/tire segment of the automotive aftermarket. Learn how company sales director Bob Day, and owner Jaimie Jang discovered a new unique niche for tire sizes, collaborated with manufacturers, and implemented a marketing strategy that resulted in amassing more than 140,000 organic social media followers in just three years, in the latest video from the 2019 SEMA Show STAGE. 

“We talked to wheel companies – we had a lot of feedback from them. And then we talked to builders […] and with that collaboration, it just grew. We had the 26 and 28s—last year we launched the 30 in.,” said Day. “The funny thing is, the 26s and 28s, maybe one or two wheel companies had it. Now everybody has a 26 or 28 and there’s probably three or four companies that have a 30 in. within one year. So it’s amazing the way it happened.”

Get to know what’s next for the future of Fury Tires, learn Day’s insight on the importance of marketing and utilizing social media, and hear what advice he has for companies looking to grow their brand by watching the full video.

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