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PRO Volunteer Spotlight: Why Josh Poulson Warns Against Decisions Based Solely on the Heart

By Ashley Reyes

Josh Poulson

The SEMA Professional Restylers Organization’s (PRO) has named Josh Poulson of Auto Additions Inc. as this week’s council Volunteer Spotlight member. Poulson is the current PRO chair-elect and has been an active volunteer on the PRO Select Committee since 2012. His years of advocacy for restylers and manufacturers to have a voice in the industry earned him recognition as PRO Restyler of the Year in 2012 and SEMA PRO Person of the Year in 2015, and the council is pleased to spotlight him for his leadership and contributions to the industry.

SEMA: What inspired you to pursue a career in restyling/manufacturing?    

Josh Poulson: I was 16 years old going to college and working part-time when a friend hired me into the business. I really never had a passion for cars but love the restyling business.

SEMA: Why did you decide to volunteer for PRO? How has it or will it impact you?    

JP: I wanted to give back and have a voice in the industry. I felt the need to continue to grow in its “professionalization” and have learned so much. I have met some amazing, influential people who have guided me in my personal and professional life.

SEMA: What advice do you have for someone pursuing a career in the automotive aftermarket?    

JP: Make sure you can think with your head and not just your heart. I see a lot of people get into the business because they have the passion but then end up not being successful because they thought too much with their heart.

SEMA: What is your dream vehicle? Where would we find you in it on any weekend?    

JP: Since I really am not that interested in vehicles, I don't think I have a dream vehicle. However, I do seem to like the electric-style trucks (except Tesla) coming out in the next few years. You would see me driving it around doing whatever needs done but enjoying my ride.

SEMA: What is the best advice you have ever received?     

JP: Stay in your lane. Do what you do best with the products you carry and offer but also what you personally do best in the business. Hire others to complement with their skills.

SEMA: What keeps you in the industry?

JP: The great people and friends that I have met in the last 29 years. It would be my customers, my colleagues, my vendors and suppliers.  

SEMA: Where can we find you on a Saturday?

JP: Relaxing and hanging out with my family, taking a nap or reading and studying on my iPad.