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WTC Volunteer Spotlight: Scott Musser of Ultra Wheel Company

By Ashley Reyes

Scott Musser
Scott Musser

The SEMA Wheel and Tire Council (WTC) has launched its volunteer spotlight program to recognize industry leaders in the wheel and tire segment who are dedicated to educating and preserving the future of the automotive aftermarket.   

Scott Musser of Ultra Wheel Company has been named the first-ever spotlight member. From 2016–2019, Musser contributed his time as a WTC Select Committee volunteer and helped guide the direction of the council’s key initiatives, while giving a unique voice to the industry.

Learn what Musser has to say about volunteering with SEMA is his Q&A with the WTC:

SEMA: What led you to obtaining a career in the wheel and tire industry?

Scott Musser: At the age of 20, I found myself out of a job. A friend at Progressive Wheel Company offered me an entry-level job in his wheel warehouse. I took it thinking this would do until I found something better; 33 years later and I'm still selling wheels.

SEMA: How has being a WTC volunteer or member impacted your professional career?

SM: A great deal. I have worked for, with and alongside many of the WTC members, including some of the founders. The knowledge they have passed on to me is priceless. They have mentored me and made me want to teach others.

SEMA: What advice do you have for someone pursuing a career in the wheel and tire segment?

SM: Listen and never stop learning. Vehicles today keep getting smarter, and as they get smart, modifying them gets more and more technical.

SEMA: Where can we find you on a Saturday?

SM: Either in my shop working on a vehicle, at a race or woodworking.