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Spy Shots—Corvette Z06


Here’s a prototype of the upcoming Corvette C8 Z06 undergoing testing.

All prototypes spotted feature a staggered wheel/tire configuration, with the rear tires being particularly wide. Compared to a “regular” Stingray that is also part of the convoy (along with a Ferrari 458 and Porsche GT2 RS), the eighth-gen Z06 has a wider stance. There’s camo covering what is imagined to be carbon-fiber wheels. Also note the center-exit dual exhaust, which is the first time this kind of exhaust configuration has been seen on the C8.

The Z06 accelerates rapidly, rowing through the first few gears to escape traffic. The high-pitched revs produced by the car are very distinct and are unlike anything else seen from the Corvette lineup throughout its history. A high-revving DOHC 5.5L V8 is expected to be under the hood, based on the racing motor introduced in the C8.R last year.


Photo credit: Brian Williams, SpiedBilde