Video: How “Overhaulin’” Executive Producer Bud Brutsman Connects Automotive Storytelling to Film Through Art

By Ashley Reyes

A new video featuring Bud Brutsman, CEO of BCII, at the 2019 SEMA Show STAGE is now available. In this featured episode, viewers will get to know the executive producer behind some of the industry’s top automotive TV series, including “Rides,” “Overhaulin’” and “SEMA: Battle of the Builders.”

Get to know Brutsman as he shares insights and stories about his first large contract with the History channel, his experience shooting live episodes of “Overhaulin’” at the SEMA Show and his thoughts on how technology is impacting content in the television and cable industry.

“What Netflix and Amazon and the other streamers are proving is that if you have quality custom content, no matter where you’re going to deliver it, people are going to watch,” said Brutsman. “Crafting a story and telling a story is much different than just shooting video. We are all into viral content, and that viral content is amazing.”

Additional highlights include the pros of having a competitive distribution market, the development behind “SEMA: Battle of the Builders” and connecting automotive storytelling to film through art.

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