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Three Exclusive Money-Saving Offers for SEMA Members

By Ashley Reyes

First Data
Available through First Data, SEMA’s Payment Solutions help members process credit card payments from customers and identify products that are best for their individual businesses.

The Paycheck Protection Plan and other relief programs are helping businesses stay open and operational during this challenging time. SEMA members may be able to find additional relief through the association’s money-saving benefits. Available to members throughout the year, group benefits provide discounts on a number of essential business services.

“SEMA uses the purchasing power of the 7,600 members to negotiate discounts on services that members utilize,” said Director of Membership Gary Vigil. “Members receive significant savings that they may not be able to obtain on their own.”

While the discounts are available all year long, many members join the association for other reasons and neglect to tap into the benefits of cost savings. Below, are simple and easy ways to take advantage of SEMA membership and save money.   

Payment Solutions

Available through First Data, SEMA’s Payment Solutions help members process credit card payments from customers and identify products that are best for their individual businesses. First Data offers a variety of hardware and point-of-sale systems with reduced pricing for SEMA members.

“Whether members are adjusting to increased online sales or preparing for the reopening of their brick-and-motor stores, now is an ideal time for businesses to review their payment solutions and see how they might be able to save money,” said Vigil.

First Data/fiserv makes it possible for customers to pay with their credit card, PayPal account or electronic check, securing retailer profits, all with a hassle-free check-out experience. Additional features include contactless/nfc (near field communication) payments for mobile wallet solutions through Apple iPhones or Google Android smartphones, full-service debit/ATM transactions, virtual terminal applications, access to merchant account information through a secure and innovative Internet based reporting tool and more.

For additional information, visit or contact First Data Senior Account Executive Ken Keifer at, 424-903-6877.

Shipping Discounts

From supply chain to deliveries, getting products delivered quickly, safely and cost-effectively is a top priority, which is why SEMA partnered with UPS to provide exclusive services and discounts to members on services, including shipping, packaging, copying and printing and supplies. Fifty percent off air, 30% off ground and up to 50% off select services are just a few of the discounts available after enrollment with the UPS shipping member benefit at Members are also eligible to receive continuous UPS Smart Pickup for free and a minimum 75% discount for heavyweight freight shipments with UPS LTL Freight.

UPS Capital Protection for small package shipments provides members with flexible parcel insurance in the event of loss or damage at a discounted rate of 17%. There is no fee to sign up and charges are incorporated automatically into your UPS invoice. Click here for additional information. To learn more about how UPS can help your business improve cash flow, accelerate and protect payments and protect your goods, visit or contact 1-800-MEMBERS (1-800-636-2377), Monday–Friday, from 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. (EDT).

Insurance Solutions

SEMA members have unique insurance needs. Having a partner that knows and understands the industry is vital to ensuring proper coverage and the best rates. The Specialty Equipment Insurance Alliance (SEIA) offers reduced cost insurance solutions to help SEMA members receive the best liability when preparing for or recovering from accidents, unprecedented emergencies and staff changes.

Ideal for manufacturers, suppliers, wholesale distributors and retailers looking to reduce their costs, increase their coverage and prevent issues that might negatively impact their business, SEIA matches business needs with specific insurance benefits, providing members with an extensive selection of employment forms and policies to readily equip them for any potential outcome.

SEIA offers general and products liability, garage liability, business auto liability, business property, crime coverage, workers’ compensation and more. As an added bonus, SEIA clients will receive a complimentary bundle of business services, including a human resources consultation and access to a members-only website that contains a selection of employment forms and policies. To learn more, visit  

To discuss other member benefits and opportunities available to SEMA members, contact Gary Vigil at 909-978-6738 or