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New SEMA Show STAGE Video: Brittany and Kevin Williams of LiteBrite Studios

By Ashley Reyes

A new video featuring Brittany and Kevin Williams of LiteBrite Studios at the 2019 SEMA Show is now available. Direct from the SEMA Show STAGE, the featured episode offers viewers the chance to get to know the social media influencers who have amassed more than 103,000 followers on their Instagram account and 113,000 subscribers on their YouTube account.

In addition to their extreme Jeep Driving YouTube Channel, Brittany and Kevin hold careers as professional drifters. Get to know their story as they share their insight on creating a dedicated YouTube following, how to monetize social media channels, and the importance of finding your niche and what you are passionate about.

“You definitely have to do something that you love, that you enjoy and you have to be able to be yourself while you do it,” said Brittany. “If you’re fake on camera, people feel it. And if you’re genuinely having fun, that type of excitement is insanely contagious.”

Additional talking points include their experience on joining the Netflix show “Hyperdrive,” how to overcome your fears by taking risks and creating a mindset capable of reaching your dreams. 

“That’s what living your life to the fullest is; when you see an opportunity, always seizing, no matter how small or big, just taking it,” said Kevin. “Because you never know who you are going to meet.”

In addition to her past experiences, Brittany also shares advice for women pursuing a career in motorsports and the benefits of listening to industry experts and seeking a mentor. 

“Mentors can have such a positive impact in terms of success and your entire life,” said Brittany. “What’s amazing is finding a mentor is so much easier than people think; the only thing is that you cannot be afraid to ask the question in the first place.”

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