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Nominate Industry Pioneers for SEMA Hall of Fame Enshrinement

By Lindsay Bianco

Marla Moore
Marla Moore, 2019 SEMA Hall of Fame inductee, traces her automotive roots back to her father’s love for car building.

Inducted into the SEMA Hall of Fame in 2019, Marla Moore has been involved in the automotive specialty-equipment industry for 35 years. According to Moore, her career began with her father's love for car building.

“I blame him all the time,” she said. “I’d say, ‘See dad? I wanted to be an artist or fashion designer, and I’m in the car business because you started making me paint race cars.’”

After more than 35 years, Moore is grateful to be a part of an industry with people who are so passionate and willing to share their knowledge.

“I now have connections and experience and all those things that can help move projects forward or make other people’s dreams come true. Impacting our industry for the better and encouraging the people in it—that’s my thing.”

Do you know someone like Marla Moore? SEMA is looking for innovators whose legacy will continue to benefit the industry for a long time to come. Nominate an industry veteran for the 2020 SEMA Hall of Fame by the March 16 deadline and help us in recognizing individuals who have pioneered and shaped the automotive specialty-equipment industry.

Don’t miss your chance to acknowledge industry visionaries.

For more information, contact Lindsay Bianco, SEMA’s senior manager, member projects, at 909-978-6692.