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SEMA Show PR Programs for Exhibitors

By Rachel Tatum

Online Media Center
Members of the media can find exhibitor press releases in the SEMA Show Online Media Center.

As the premier automotive trade show, the SEMA Show attracts media from throughout the world. As a result, exhibitors are able to generate media coverage for their products while at the event. To help exhibitors reach the right media, the following programs are available:

Printed Press Materials: Exhibitors can place printed releases and press kits in the Media Center, where journalists spend much of their time writing and filing stories. Materials may be placed in the Media Center (Room S229 on the bridge between Central and South Halls) starting Friday, November 1. Exhibitors may want to consider bringing 75–100 copies at the beginning of the week and plan to monitor their inventory throughout the week.

Electronic Press Materials: Many journalists find electronic copies of press materials to be useful in compiling stories, quotes, images and content on a tight deadline. Exhibitors often choose to bring USB drives into the Media Center along with their printed press materials. Journalists are often looking for electronic copies of press releases, high-resolution product images, product videos and sound bites. Exhibitors should also plan to have electronic press materials available for media in their booths.

Post Releases Online: Journalists confirmed that they refer to the Online Media Center for content before, during and even after the SEMA Show. The Online Media Center is a portal where all SEMA Show exhibitors are able to upload press releases. Exhibitors can attach photos and select the market segments that are relevant to their news.

New Products Showcase: Participating in the New Products Showcase is more than just a place to highlight products. The SEMA News team features all products entered in the printed magazine that is mailed to 18,000 industry professionals. Additionally, professional photographs of all products are taken and sent to media. Exhibitors may enter the New Products Showcases at

Exhibitors can receive additional tips and assistance with media outreach during the SEMA Show by contacting Rachel Tatum at or 909-978-6669.