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Meet SEMA Show Media: Perry Mack From SunCruiser Media

By Rachel Tatum

Perry MackPerry Mack, editor-in-chief of SunCrusier Media.

Based in British Columbia, Canada, SunCruiser Media publishes several outdoor magazines in North America, including 4WDrive, RV Travelers, SuperCamping and the SunCruiser Boating Guides. In addition to exhibiting at the SEMA Show, SunCruiser Media sends an editorial team to the SEMA Show each year. Led by Perry Mack, Editor-in-Chief of SunCrusier Media, the team seeks information to fill its print, digital, web, social and video platforms.

Here’s Mack’s advice for exhibitors on what he is looking for and how they can work with him at this year’s SEMA Show:

Why do you attend the SEMA Show? What is your primary purpose for attending?
The show is my best opportunity to see new products available for the following year, as well as trends that are emerging in the industry. As a member-centric show, it creates an opportunity for me to meet smaller start-up manufacturers and see their products.

What advice do you have for SEMA Show exhibitors that want to get coverage from you?
It is critical that exhibitors post their press releases in the SEMA Show Online Media Center as early as possible. Tell me what makes your product unique and be sure to include high-resolution images of the product. The Online Media Center is my primary source of advance story building and what I use to create my itinerary of exhibitors I wish to contact at the Show for further information.

What advice do you have for exhibitors during the SEMA Show?
Don’t ignore media at your booth. Often times media badges get ignored because we aren’t seen as a sales transaction. Keep in mind, we are the gateway to getting your news and product out to the world. I know the SEMA Show is busy; if you don’t have time to talk when we stop by, take a minute to stick a flashdrive into my hand. Paper gets lost, you’re more likely to get coverage if you have a complete media kit on a flashdrive.

What’s the best way exhibitors can utilize the SEMA Show Media Center?
The Media Center has a press kit area specifically designed for exhibitors to showcase their materials to media attendees. Paper releases don’t help us; electronic versions of your content work much better. Invest in an eye-catching 8x10 popup display to catch our attention while also providing us with your USB drive. Make sure your booth number is displayed on the popup; we may stop by.

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The SEMA Show attracts nearly 3,000 approved media each year, representing print, video, radio and online outlets. SEMA provides services to help exhibitors connect with media at the SEMA Show and is available to assist. For details about SEMA Show exhibitor PR opportunities, contact Rachel Tatum at or 909-978-6669.