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What Exhibitors Need to Know About Press Conferences

By Rachel Tatum

Press Conference

Exhibitors interested in holding a 2019 SEMA Show press conference can apply now. While a press conference is not ideal for every exhibitor, it can be effective for those who have an announcement that appeals to a large number of media. Here are some important notes to consider before applying:

Be Detailed on the Application 
Press conferences are scheduled based on information on the application. Include detailed information about the press conference and clearly indicate your day and time preferences. Also note if there are factors that should be considered when assigning a date or time (such as a presenter’s limited availability).

Apply Before the Deadline
All applications are due July 26. The schedule is created shortly after the deadline, and multiple press conferences are not scheduled at the same time. Once the schedule is created, it’s difficult – if not impossible – to add to the schedule.

Press Conference

Confirm Your Application Was Recevied 
A confirmation email is automatically sent when the application is received. If a confirmation email is not received, there may be technical problems and the application may not have gone through successfully.

Look For Your Update In Mid-August
All exhibitors who applied for a press conference will be notified of the status of their application in mid-August. Exhibitors will be required to respond to the notification to confirm the assigned day and time.

Plan To Promote Your Press Conference
While SEMA promotes the official press conference schedule to all media, exhibitors are responsible for promoting their own press conferences and should be prepared in the event that media are unable to attend. There is no guarantee that media will attend all press conferences and historically there is a direct correlation between the amount of outreach an exhibitor makes to the number of media who attend a press conference.

Consider Alternatives To A Press Conference
A great deal of planning goes into holding a successful press conference. With so much going on at the SEMA Show, journalists are not always able to attend all press conferences. Consider offering the media embargos to release news on a specific day and time. All exhibitors are also encouraged to post SEMA Show press releases in the Online Media Center prior to the Show, giving media the opportunity to search for relevant news in their product category.

Exhibitors are encouraged to contact Rachel Tatum at or 909-978-6669, to learn more about SEMA Show press conferences and other media resources.