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SEMA Council Embraces Off-Road Industry

By SEMA Editors

The SEMA council previously known as the Light Truck Accessories Alliance (LTAA) is now called the Truck & Off-Road Alliance (TORA), representing businesses related to traditional pickup accessories and the growing off-road segment.

As the truck market evolves, the SEMA council dedicated to the truck industry is evolving as well. The council previously known as the Light Truck Accessories Alliance (LTAA) is now called the Truck & Off-Road Alliance (TORA), continuing to represent businesses related to traditional pickup accessories, such as bedliners, running boards and caps, while now including off-road products, such as specialty wheels, tires, suspensions and nerf bars, in the off-road and UTV markets.

The change was made to provide the growing off-road segment with a dedicated council, while recognizing the crossover from many truck accessory companies.

“We’re excited to embrace the off-road market and provide businesses with a group that will help to advance the entire truck industry,” said Kathryn Reinhardt, TORA chair. “We want the off-road industry to know that we are here to help their business and the market succeed.”

The council’s origins date back to 1989 when 18 members formed the Truck Cap Industry Association. The group continued to evolve as the industry did and merged with SEMA in 2000. Throughout the years, the name of the council changed, but the group continued to serve the truck market successfully.

TORA, like all SEMA councils, provides a defined segment of the automotive aftermarket with a forum to network, collaborate and address concerns specifically to a niche market or group. Most recently, TORA members gathered at Moab, Utah, in conjunction with a SEMA Town Hall Meeting, where the council’s new name was officially revealed. Previous programs from the council include private measuring sessions, market research targeted to the group and legislative advocacy for land use and other related issues.

“The industry is constantly changing, and it’s vital that we adapt to those changes,” said Reinhardt. “We need and encourage all businesses in the truck and off-road industry to join TORA. It’s only through the industry’s feedback and collective participation that we can effectively address issues and improve.”

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