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How You Can Support SEMA’s Educator Grant Program

By Katie Hurst

SEMA has extended the association's new Elementary Educator Grant program, entitled The Automotive Aftermarket Grant Program. Through this program, the association will engage elementary school teachers and students across the nation in the automotive hobby, career pathing, lifestyle or all three.

SEMA is offering grants up to $1,000 to at least 50 elementary school teachers to support and fund the incorporation of a hands-on, interactive lesson plan or activity into their classroom that revolves around the automotive industry. Ideas for the automotive-driven projects are solely up to the creativity of the teachers applying for the grants and must be incorporated into their curriculum before the end of the 2018–2019 school year. This program directly supports SEMA’s youth engagement initiatives to inspire and ignite the next generation of automotive enthusiasts.

If you work with elementary schools or know an educator who may be interested in this program, help SEMA spread the word. Educators may apply for up to $1,000 in grants to fund their automotive inspired project. The application period will end Friday March 1.  

The industry can support this program by sharing the details with elementary schools and teachers in your local area. For more details, contact Katie Hurst, SEMA’s Youth Engagement Programs Manager.