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Everything You Need to Jump-Start Your Business in 2019

By Matt Kennedy

Young AccessorizersOne of the reports available is the "SEMA Young Accessorizers Report," which highlights how young adults (ages 16–24) modify, use, and relate to their vehicle.

How ready is your company for 2019? Does your business have the information you need for a successful strategy, or are you playing it by ear? If you’re struggling to find quality data and analysis on the specialty-automotive aftermarket, SEMA Market Research is here to help.

Check out the latest reports and resources from SEMA Market Research:

2018 SEMA Market Report: Our flagship annual report, provides market sizing, consumer profiling, economic data, and vehicle population data to provide a comprehensive view of the specialty-automotive aftermarket.

SEMA Young Accessorizers Report: This report zooms in on how young adults (ages 16–24) modify, use, and relate to their vehicles, using hard data to challenge the notion that the new generation doesn’t care about cars.

SEMA Industry Perspectives: A new, twice-a-year report series, these studies will show you how other specialty-automotive businesses are doing, what they’re watching out for, and address unique special topics each edition that you won’t find anywhere else.

SEMA Industry Indicators: These monthly reports offer bite-sized analysis of how economic and industry trends may affect your business.

SEMA Future Trends: This report, published twice a year, explores the economic, consumer, and industry trends that are in store for the next few years, giving you the insights you need to move your company into the future.

SEMA Modern Muscle Car Accessorizer Report: Learn how owners of 2010 and newer Camaros, Challengers, and Mustangs modify their vehicles, what they want, and how to connect them with your company’s products.

SEMA Member Vehicles In Operation (VIO) Program: Whether you’re thinking about opening a new location, adding coverage for a new vehicle, or debating whether to tool up for a new product, the VIO program (offered in partnership with Experian) can help you understand the potential size of the market before you commit resources.

All our reports (including others not listed here!) are available to download for free at The VIO Program is available, again at no cost, to eligible manufacturers, distributors, and retailer/installers at

You can also contact the research team directly, or submit questions or feedback at