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SEMA “She Is” Member Spotlight: Magnuson Products’ Kim Pendergast

By Kristopher Porter

Kim PendergastKim Pendergast

As we wrap up 2018, December’s #SheIs SEMA Member Spotlight is dedicated to Kim Pendergast, CEO of Magnuson Products. Take a look at her Q&A with the SEMA Businesswomen’s Network (SBN) below:

SEMA: What is the best advice you have ever received?

Kim Pendergast: You spend most of your waking hours working. Find an industry you love, people you admire and who share your moral compass, and work there.

SEMA: What keeps you involved in this industry?

KP: This industry is dynamic. We push the limits of technology every day. People work here because they want to, not have to. That creates an energy that draws you to work every day.

SEMA: On a Saturday, where can you be found?

KP: At Magnuson. I love my work. Saturdays are for catching up on what I didn’t get done during the week. They are a time to reflect and to think about the future. If there is a Saturday shift—and there often is—I can spend time with the guys.

SEMA: How do you prepare for going to an important meeting?

KP: I’m on time and prepared. Part of being prepared is understanding my communication goal before I walk into a meeting. I imagine how the meeting will play out and where the conversation will lead us. Then I re-imagine another line of discussion that will take the conversation in a different place. Repeat until I see success.

SEMA: If you could go to lunch with one industry leader, living or dead, who would it be?

KP: Jay Leno! He epitomizes our industry with humor, fun and grace.

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