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2018 Battle of the Builders Sneak Peek: Nova, Datsun, Hummer

By Della Domingo

Dylan Goacher, owner of Goacher Street Legends (GSL), is building a ’68 Nova to compete in this year’s SEMA Battle of the Builders. It took hard work, ingenuity and custom upgrades to build a street rod that looks like a musclecar. The custom Nova will be suitable for both the street and race track. Among the many customizations, the Richardson brothers racing steering wheel is made to match the front WELD V-series wheels. See more of this vehicle below and find out why Goacher says “if you get into SEMA Battle of the Builders, you feel like you’ve made it in the car-building industry.”

Brandon Wargo has been working at The Custom Shop for a few years and is building his own vehicle to compete in the 2018 SEMA Battle of the Builders. His custom Datsun 2ATZx is a play on words with the 280z and the ATX. Wargo shows off how he used parts from other manufacturers to build his custom vehicle, including the Cadillac ATS, Chrysler Crossfire and Mitsubishi Lancer. Find out why this year’s competition means a lot to Brandon:

Sixteen-year-old Brennan Goodwin is excited to enter his first-ever Battle of the Builders competition at the 2018 SEMA Show. He will bring a military Baja Hummer that came straight from Iraq. The build includes a five-stage Allison transmission, custom roof rack, mesh insert, custom rear spare tire carrier and a Scorpioned body. Hear how this Young Gun designed his special military Humvee and what is means to him to participate in this year’s competition:

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