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Alex Carmona Named New SEMA Show Artist

By SEMA Editors

Alex Carmona
Alex Carmona has been named the artist of the 2018 SEMA Show.

The 2018 SEMA Show, taking place October 30–November 2 in Las Vegas, will have a new look this year featuring the artwork of Alex Carmona, who will become part of a tradition that was established by celebrated automotive artists Max Grundy and Ed Tillrock. Carmona’s art will be woven into marketing material and signage onsite and online to help heighten the energy of the SEMA Show experience by striking a chord with Showgoers at the exclusive event.

“Being named the artist of the 2018 SEMA Show is overwhelming and exciting. After seeing last year the impact that art has at the SEMA Show, I’m excited to take on this challenge,” said Carmona. “I’m looking forward to showcasing my art to the thousands of buyers and exhibitors who will be in attendance.”

Show officials feature a new artist every two to three years at the SEMA Show to help mirror industry trends and innovation for attendees. The annual four-day trade-only event makes it possible for manufacturers of auto parts and accessories to connect and do business with buyers from all over the world.

“Alex Carmona’s art will help the 2018 SEMA Show experience strike a chord in the heart and soul of our industry,” said SEMA Vice President of Events and Business Development Peter MacGillivray. “We work with elite artists from the industry to produce original and authentic artwork for the Show that will resonate with Showgoers.”

Carmona specializes in traditional printmaking and art, producing relief prints from wood or linoleum plates that he carves by hand. The 29-year-old has used this technique to produce many automotive prints during his career.

“I love to put action into my artwork and have it tell a story,” said Carmona. “I believe all good art will always be appreciated, but if I can tell a story with my art, rather than it just be a pretty car to look at, I will be able to attract more people and guide them to the different areas of the SEMA Show."

For more information about Carmona’s artwork, visit or follow him on Instagram @TheRealOldSchoolAlex.