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SEMA Cares: Giving Hope by Giving Back

By SEMA Editors

Jonathan Mill
Jonathan Mill

Hot Rod General Manager Jonathan Mill, a long-time SEMA Cares committee member, recently termed out of his committee tenure. The following are his reflections on his experiences as well as advice for future volunteers.

SEMA Cares: Why was serving for SEMA Cares important to you?

Jonathan Mill: There are a lot of ways to give back in the association, but SEMA Cares is the only one that is completely selfless. I came from nothing and am very fortunate to have been able to make something of myself. The automotive industry provided that opportunity, and SEMA gave me the tools to make it happen. So when I first found out about SEMA Cares, I knew I had to get involved. Personally, I believe giving back should be a priority to anyone in the position to do so.

SC: What would you like people to know about SEMA Cares?

JM: I want people to know that by taking part in SEMA Cares, be it monetarily or voluntarily, you are absolutely changing the lives of children who need it the most. I urge anyone interested in getting involved to learn about the three charities we support. Go to a pinewood build and interact with the staff and kids involved. There is no amount of money or car parts that will make you as fulfilled as spending some time with the kids involved in these charities. It will really open your eyes and heart to what is most important in this life: love and gratitude.

SC: What were you the most proud of?

JM: The shear dedication of the team I got to work with. A small group of some of the busiest people in our industry didn’t even hesitate to carve out time to give back in a completely selfless manner. There is just not enough of that in this world.

SC: Anything else people should know about SEMA Cares?

JM: SEMA Cares lowers the barrier to give back in a meaningful way. It can be as simple as clicking a few buttons on your phone and making a donation. They take care of everything else. If you are reading this, I urge you to take action right now. It is that easy to make a difference in a child’s life.

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