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Find Out Why Our Industry Remains Optimistic About the Future

By Matt Kennedy

Market Research
Download the “SEMA Industry Perspectives Report” to find out more about the state of the automotive specialty-equipment industry.

Download the new “SEMA Industry Perspectives Report” at to find out more regarding the state of the automotive specialty-equipment industry along with current and projected product trends.

More than three-fourths of specialty-equipment businesses surveyed expect their sales to grow next year. Manufacturers are particularly optimistic, with 85% reporting they expect growth for next year. Most industry businesses also reported adding new products and growing their customer bases in the past year.

It should come as no surprise that the automotive specialty-equipment industry increasingly views social media as a key marketing platform. Roughly 90% of manufacturers and retailers reported using social media to promote their businesses in the past year, and most have increased their presence on social media platforms. While social has become a key piece of the puzzle, more traditional channels, such as trade-show exhibits or automotive events and print (magazine or catalog) continue to provide a foundation for their marketing strategies.

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