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SEMA’s Latest Research—Business Is Growing for Specialty-Equipment Industry

By Matt Kennedy

Industry Perspectives ReportIn a recent study conducted by SEMA Market Research, most manufacturers, distributors and retailers surveyed saw increased sales over the past year.

SEMA has released a new market research study, which estimates that more than two-thirds of automotive specialty-equipment manufacturers, distributors and retailers expect their sales to grow over the next year. While expectations are mostly positive among manufacturers, where 82% expect to see an increase, 74% of distributors and 68% of retailers also expect sales growth. In addition, companies continue to add new products to meet consumer demand in response to a growing customer base.

The report also puts a spotlight on manufacturers, of which 42% feel growing their customer base is the most important path to growing their sales. Part of this strategy involves exploring international markets: 84% of manufacturers surveyed are actively or indirectly selling their products outside the United States, and a majority of those selling abroad (80%) expect their international sales to grow over the next three years.

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