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SEMA China Business Development Program Registration Now Open

By Linda Spencer

“Chinese enthusiasts crave American-made parts,” said Robert Scheid (second left), director of business development for McLeod Racing LLC. “Knowing what they are looking for and finding credible distribution takes participating in this huge market in person.”

The state of California and the federal government are providing funds to lower the cost to participate in the 2018 SEMA China Business Development Program, to be held August 15–19, in Shanghai, China. The first 10 California-based companies to register will be offered $2,300 toward program fees.

With the grants, $2,000 includes four nights’ hotel, a turnkey booth at the largest specialty-equipment show in the region, interpreters and meals to initiate or grow sales to this country of 1.4 billion consumers.

2018 SEMA China Business Development Program
Shanghai, China
August 15–19

Participants spend a week promoting their brands and gaining insights into how Chi­nese enthusiasts obtain products and use their vehicles in this market of 1.4 billion people. Learn about the developing Chinese car culture and eagerness among Chinese enthu­siasts to upgrade their rides to take them to the racetrack, off-roading or everyday use.

The 2018 program includes hotel, meals, networking events, briefings, a tour of specialty-equipment shops and exhibiting at the China Auto Salon in a turnkey booth. A limited number of $1,500 grants are available for qualified California-based companies (in addition to the $800 federal grants).

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Injen Technology attendees at the show included Ron Delgado (standing), president and CEO, and Jay Crouch, director of global business development (second right). Crouch said that Injen Technology has exported cold-air intakes and exhaust systems into the Chinese market for about a decade. “Chinese consumers are enthusiastic with their booming car culture and are continually looking to the United States for new trends and products,” he said. “These new products and trends are increasingly being reflected in their vehicles, which reinforces the fact that U.S. products are in high demand in China. From U.S.-branded trucks and Jeeps to Euros and sport compacts, every aspect of the aftermarket is represented well in China, and they are yearning for aftermarket support.”

Nickolaus DiBlasi (center), global product manager for Race Winning Brands, was surprised at the size and potential for U.S. specialty-equipment products in China. “The aftermarket potential in China is completely opposite from what I had thought going into the SEMA China Business Development trip,” he said. “[Our pre-conception] was only a high-end aftermarket that catered to exotics such as Lamborghinis, Porsches and other $100,000-and-over vehicles. After spending time in China, we found that there is so much more. We were pleased to see Camaros, Mustangs, VWs, Audis and Toyotas.”