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ETTN Launches Recruitment Initiative

By Katie Carson

The SEMA Emerging Trends & Technology Network (ETTN) is offering an incentive to its members for recruiting automotive professionals in the engineering, design and technology fields. The member with the highest number of qualified new ETTN member referrals will win an iPad*. Send the ETTN membership application to technical professionals.

ETTN provides its membership with updates on the latest advancements in automotive technology and the possible impacts on the aftermarket industry. The ETTN also holds events throughout the year concentrating on discovery, connecting with subject-matter experts and education seminars.

Any technical professional employed by a SEMA-member company is eligible to join ETTN at no cost to the company or the individual.

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*The contest will run from October 19–December 31. Referrals will only be counted during that time period. The individual with the most qualified referrals will win an iPad. Qualified referrals are defined as a current employee of a current SEMA-member company who is an engineering, design, product development or technical professional. Referrals will only be counted if the new qualified member mentions the name and company of the referrer. In the event of a tie, the referrer whose name is mentioned first by date and time will be determined as the winner.