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SEMA Show Featured Speaker Profile

By Zane Clark

Patti Wood
Nonverbal communication expert Patti Wood will share insight with Showgoers on how to make the most of a first impression.

Patti Wood is an internationally known expert in nonverbal communication and creates high energy interactive programs filled with humor, cutting-edge information and valuable take-aways.

On Monday morning, October 30, Wood will teach you to make the most of that first impression that will determine how you will interact with a person and how they will interact with you. Click here to learn more and register.

Get a double-dose of Wood in her Monday afternoon session and learn how to read the thousands of nonverbal cues that can make your interactions more genuine and more productive. Click here to learn more and register for Wood’s afternoon session.

Watch Wood’s Biz Tip Video here.

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For more details, contact SEMA’s Senior Director of Education Zane Clark.